We Came Here to Swim

Continuous 16mm film projection installation, B/W, no sound, asynchronous teleprompting text
3 min 45 sec, dimensions variable



Installation view of We Fell Into The Water Staying Dry + We Came Here to Swim


SabahiShirinWeCameHereToSwim+WeFellint theWaterStayingDry2

Truth! That is another thing they said our film wouldn’t contain. I had simply forgotten about it, in contemplating the series of triumphs that is my private life.

Donald Barthelme, The Film, 1972.

Performer: Rita Wagner
Camera: Roberto Santaguida
Production Assistant: Juliane Beck
Thanks to Lutz Reitemeier, Basir Mahmoud & Reza Haeri
Installation Documentation by Michael Heilgemeir


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