Ornithorhynchus Paradoxus

2014 (w. Sebastien Berthier)
Sweatshirt, thread
EU size S







“In 1798 an unknown taxidermied creature arrived in Europe in a ship from the freshly established New South Wales. Regarded as a joke by the Chinese sailors, the first zoologists that studied the animal looked for stitches to prove that this piece of pelt was another one of “the monstrous impostures which the artful Chinese had so frequently practised on European adventurers,” noted the notorious surgeon Robert Knox, classifying “this rare production of nature with eastern mermaids and other works of art”. What he called a work of deception had defied the taxonomy that he and his peers had worked so hard to establish. Louie CK is right. God does have a sense of humor and a look at the platypus proves it. A duck, a beaver and an otter walked into a bar. They got drunk and started fooling around. They minced and merged their body parts; beak, belly, feet, tail, and venom all patched up to make a surrealist collage avant la lettre: the Frankenstein of animals.” excerpt from press release of an eponymous exhibition at Sox, Berlin (2014)