Mint Condition

HD video, colour, stereo sound
9 min

Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_5Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_6Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_9 Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_2Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_7Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_3Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_17Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_18 Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_13Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_10 Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_11 Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_1 Shirin_Sabahi_Mint_Condition_2015_15The film points at the proximity of the promises of technology to those of religion. The three characters of the film are a surprise egg, a radiologist and a poet. While the egg reveals his unfulfilled death wish, the story gradually shifts to the radiologist’s failure in rendering the world transparent, picturing his transition from a foggy adolescent to a middle-aged man who wishes daily to go beyond the limits of human perception. The poet is the radiologist’s sidekick and a reminder of his past artistic endeavours. He is the Sancho Panza to the Don-Quixote. The radiologist’s machinery eventually reveals what could or perhaps is under the surface.

Poem by Farnoosh Fathi
Voice over: Roberto Santaguida
Sound design: Sam Lubicz
Sound edit & mix: Jamie Teasdale
X-ray footage: Fabien Léonard
Colour corrected by Joji Koyama