Borrowed Scenery

4K and HD video, color, stereo sound
20 min 3 sec

Borrowed Scenery is the principle of integrating the surrounding landscape into the composition of a garden. The film is about a sculpture permanently installed at the bottom of the downward spiral building of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. The work titled Matter and Mind (Oil Pool) was made in-situ by artist Noriyuki Haraguchi (b. 1946) in 1977 for the museum’s inauguration. This artwork has over the years become an unwilling object of play and continues to be vandalized endearingly by some museumgoers as if it were a wishing well. The film features this and other pools and wishing wells and ends with Mr. Haraguchi reflected in another liquid surface, as a way of replicating the principle of his pools; expressing little of their own and instead reflecting the immediate world back at it.

With Noriyuki Haraguchi
& Kurumi Hata, Akiko Tamaki, Takahiro Ishida
Edited by Joji Koyama & Shirin Sabahi
Sound design & mix by Jamie Teasdale
Translation by Akiko Tamaki & Fumiko Uchiyama