Pocket Folklore

Found objects, borrowed vitrines
Dimensions variable

The vitrines contain various objects fished out of the oil pool sculpture Matter and Mind by Noriyuki Haraguchi, permanently installed in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art since 1977. The objects are said to be thrown by visitors and the museum staff into the pool. Used engine oil has pickled them into an assortment of the contents of Tehranis’ pockets and the museum’s activities during the oil pool’s lifetime. They were found during the restoration of the artwork in October 2017.

Experiences of Oil, Stavanger Kunstmuseum (2021)
Oil, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (2021)
Itinerarios XXV, Centro Botín (Santander 2019)
When Legacies Become Debt, The Mosaic Rooms (London 2019)
Borrowed Scenery, Edith-Russ-Haus (Oldenburg 2018, solo)

Installation views Edith-Russ-Haus (Oldenburg 2018), Centro Botín (Santander 2019)